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Hebei juren: lifting equipment in the spring and summer season maintenance methods

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Winter is over, spring is here and summer is coming. Lifting equipment is about to face the grinding rain, the scorching summer heat. So we should also take precautions to understand some outdoor equipment maintenance measures.

Cranes, scaffolding, cranes and other equipment in the hot sun exposure, construction site of these mechanical equipment is often in a "high fever" state. The normal operation of the machine, related to the construction progress and safety issues. Flood season typhoon thunderstorm prevention is also an important work site.

In view of these, the notice requires the construction site walls, migrant workers dormitory, deep foundation pit support and other construction sites to have corresponding reinforcement measures, scaffolding, lifting machinery and equipment to have reliable lightning protection device, typhoon thunderstorm weather to suspend construction.

It is understood that the construction units are currently equipped with a special machine maintenance team, every morning and evening for the regular maintenance of the machine. In view of the high temperature, people and equipment are in a special state of work, safety in production is not a moment to relax, the use of workers' spare time for the safety of production training is not regular, is a number of construction site required project.

It is believed that as long as the implementation of equipment maintenance instructions, the life of lifting equipment will be extended.

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