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How to judge the quality of wire rope electric hoist hook?

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Wire rope electric hoist is a common lifting equipment, it is operated by personnel, so, in the use of wire rope electric hoist must be checked before. As one of the accessories of electric hoist, the hook plays an important role in lifting heavy objects.

Then in the selection of what hook, what kind of good quality, the following is the giant small make up to give a brief introduction:

1. The opening degree is 15% higher than the original size;

2, torsional deformation of more than 10 °;

3, dangerous section or hook neck plastic deformation;

4, nut and hook beam appear any cracks and deformation.

5, wire rope electric hoist hook hook should be able to at 360 ° in horizontal and vertical direction is greater than 180 ° flexible rotation.

6, the hook surface should be smooth, no peeling, sharp Angle, burr, crack, wrinkle and knife marks and other defects.

7. The hook and its affiliated parts shall be scrapped under any of the following circumstances:

8. Wear of the dangerous section reaches 10% of the original size;

Through the above introduction, I believe that we have experience in the purchase of wire rope electric hoist, if there is a problem, please consult the giant crane: 15033788510, or log on: http://www.062379.buzz, we always solve the problem for you.


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