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How is the wire rope wound around the drum?

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Everyone knows that the wire rope electric hoist must take the original is the wire rope, so, to ensure that the wire rope is correctly wound on the drum, so as to be able to operate normally.

The winding of the wire rope on the drum can be divided into single-layer type and multi-layer type. The single-layer type is the drum with rope guide, also known as rope guide, which helps to wind the wire rope neatly on the drum and avoid the wire rope in disorder.

General wire rope pull the more tightly wound the better. The advantage of the electric hoist is that it can save the volume of electric hoist and reduce the cost. More used for lifting height higher than the lifting range of 30 meters.

In order to extend the service life of wire rope and rope guide, we must strictly comply with the requirements in the maintenance manual. It is important that the winding of the first layer of wire rope should be carried out under the pull force, to avoid the relaxation of the inner layer of wire rope, and be squeezed by the outer layer of wire rope or twist pressure to the groove wall and damage.

Through the above instructions, we should have some understanding, so that we bought the wire rope electric hoist after we must first look at the manual and maintenance book.


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