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How to manage chain?

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Hebei giant hoisting group is a professional manufacturer of hand-pulled gourds, hand-pulled gourds, electric gourds and so on. We also know how to manage hand-pulled gourds. The following is a brief introduction from hebei giant:

We all know that the hand-pulled gourd before and after use is to be properly managed storage, then how to pay attention to what details? Here is a brief introduction from hebei giant:

1. For hand-pulled gourds that have not been put into storage, they must be inspected and maintained after each use, and shall not be piled or placed randomly.

2. For newly purchased hand-pulled gourds, the manufacturer's inspection and acceptance certificate is required. The equipment administrator of the workshop must check and accept the gourds, and only after confirming that there are no problems can the gourds be put into storage for management.

3. Regular inspection should be carried out on the gourds. Timely replacement of scrapped parts.

Hand-pulled gourd must pay attention to the storage and maintenance work after use, which is also a point that most people tend to ignore, just put it directly after use, in fact, this is a very bad habit, as time goes by, hand-pulled gourd will also produce some small problems, with the accumulation of small problems will become a big problem. Therefore, each point is worth our attention.


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