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The giant is introduced: chain eight points for attention

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 First, overloading is strictly prohibited.

Second, it is strictly prohibited to use other than human power operation.

Third, if the operator found that the hand tension is greater than the normal tension, should immediately stop using.

Fourth, in the process of lifting, no matter how heavy the weight rises or falls, when yanking the chain, the force should be even and gentle, not too hard, so as to avoid hand chain jumping or clip ring.

Fifth, the operator should stand in the same plane with the hand sprocket yanking chain, make the hand sprocket clockwise rotation, can make the weight rise; Reverse drag start chain, noon can slowly fall.

Sixth, when lifting heavy objects, it is strictly prohibited to do any work or walk under the heavy objects to avoid personal accidents.

Seventh, before use must confirm that the parts intact, the transmission part and lifting chain lubrication good, idling condition is normal.

Check whether the upper and lower hooks are fastened before lifting. It is forbidden to hang heavy objects on the tip or other wrong operations. Lifting chain should be vertical suspension, there should be no wrong twisted chain, double chain of the lower hook frame shall not be overturned. In the process of lifting, no matter the weight rises or falls, when pulling the chain, the force should be even and gentle, not too hard, so as to avoid the chain jumping or clamping ring.

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