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How to maintain the chain?

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We will save everything after use, and it should be well maintained before preservation, which can not only increase the life of hand-pulled gourd, but also provide a safe guarantee for the next use. Then how to maintain hand-pulled gourd after use? The following is the analysis carried out by the giant small series on this issue:

After the extensive and frequent use of hand-pulled gourd, there will be some problems, so what is the reason, after the professional opponent pulled the gourd disassembly, reorganization can be used normally.

After disassembly and recombination, the hand-pulled hoist cannot be immediately put back into use for lifting work. During this period, there are two important works. The hand-pulled hoist shall be put into action load performance test and brake performance test according to JB/T 7334.

Through the above introduction, I believe that we have learned that the maintenance of hand-pulled gourd after use is very important, and we should pay attention to this detail in daily life.


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