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Crane high efficiency high skill

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Crane is a common lifting equipment, often used in factory buildings, factories, warehouses, loading and unloading lifting heavy objects. In the process of using the crane, we often think of how to improve the efficiency of the crane, the following is a brief introduction given by hebei giant group:

Cranes usually have lifting, running and turning three movements.

In the operation, it is to carry out these 3 movements apart commonly, when condole hook makes the job of fluctuation namely, situation and gyrate two movements did not undertake at the same time, so every time the time that working cycle place takes up is very long, hoisting efficiency nature is lower. If we do all three at the same time, the cycle time will naturally shorten. And work efficiency can also be improved. This is the advanced handling method of the crane.

For example, when a tower crane is decided to pick up an object on the ground somewhere, it is possible to rotate the lifting arm to the desired position and lower the hook rapidly while the tower crane is moving rapidly. Of course, it is not easy to operate three controllers at a time, but as long as the crash familiar with the operation technology, master the characteristics of the crane, so in the shortest time to achieve the highest work efficiency and what is difficult?


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