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Electric hoist

CD/MD electric wire rope hoist


CD1、MD1 type Wire-rope electric hoist is a kind of light-small lifting equipment with advantages of tight structure light weight, small volume, wide common use and convenient operation etc. if reducers with hard gear surface are applied, it will have long life and high mechanical efficiency. conic rotor brake motors are equipped which has safety limiter in both up and down
directions. MD1 type electric hoists have fast and stow lifting speeds which make in lift steady and accurately.
CD1、MD1 type wire-rope electric hoists can be widely used to hoist heavy objects, or installed on the straight or curve 1-sreel beam of single-girder cranes .They can also be used together with Electric. double girder crane, gantry crane and Slewing cranes. It is commonly used lifting equipment in industrial and mining enterprises, railways, docks and warehouses.



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